The next generation of RFID sensors for machine safety

R-SAFE RFID sensors RFID sensors at the highest level for all machine safety applications

  • The new R-SAFE RFID sensors have a wide range of applications thanks to their compact and versatile design. The various design and technology options and compatibility make the sensor versatile.
  • The RFID sensors can be coded in three ways to suit all applications. 
  • The RFID technology used achieves safety levels of up to PL e/SIL 3, even when connected in series.
  • The sensors can therefore be integrated into existing environments, offering a cost-effective solution for retrofitting and upgrading machines.

Series connections

  • R-SAFE RFID makes it possible to call up the individual status without having to wire the status output of each sensor individually.

Cost efficiency

  • The wear-free technology enables a longer product service life.
  • Status LED and diagnostic output.
  • Full mechanical compatibility with the Magnus RFID and Magnus MG "S" series.
  • Can be used as a single device or in series.


  • Tamper protection in accordance with EN ISO 14119, the highest in its class.
  • Screw covers prevent easy removal.
  • Series connection up to PL e/SIL 3.
  • Protection class IP67 and IP69K for use in harsh environments.


  • Three mounting options.
  • M12 plug, M12 plug with pigtail or cable.
  • 3 different coding levels.
  • Extension cable for series connection.


Further technical details can be found here: Click here to see the sensors: 


27 listopada 2023